Camille Quintana

Camille Quintana was born in the beautiful city of Natchitoches in the eighties.  After graduating from high school, Camille enrolled at Louisiana State University.  It was there that Camille graduated with a major in Visual Arts, with an emphasis on Education.  After a number of years of educating New Orleans public school youth about the joy of creating art, Camille decided to focus full time on her artwork.


The unique technique Camille uses currently to create her artwork is one that she doesn't have a name for.  It just, "kind of happened," she says.  She wanted to have the dynamic composition like Jackson Pollack, but with a subject.  This brushless technique allows for a more abstract look, with great texture and color merging.  Without the use of a paintbrush, Camille is able to "let go" and allow the paint to do what it naturally will do.

These days, Camille resides in Nashville, TN, embracing Music City and exploring a new creative direction, as can be seen in The Nashville Collection



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